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How To Draw Yoshi Step By Step Tutorial

Yoshi, the ever-charming dino from the world of Nintendo, sports a look that’s both unique and adorable. With his big, round nose, wide eyes full of curiosity, and that unmistakable happy-go-lucky smile, he’s a character that captures hearts. Not to forget his saddle-like shell and those tiny, but ready-for-adventure feet!

How To Draw Yoshi

How To Draw Yoshi

For those looking to bring this iconic figure to life, we’ve got the easiest steps laid out. Our straightforward guide will have you drawing Yoshi in no time, turning a simple sketching session into a doorway to Yoshi’s world.

Drawing Process

Step 1: The Noggin’

First up, let’s give Yoshi a place to think! Draw a big, round curve for the top of his head. It’s like drawing a hill on a sunny day.

How To Draw Yoshi 1

Step 2: Nose Knows Best

Yoshi’s got a nose that can sniff out adventure! Draw a big, upside-down U shape that starts and ends on the line you just drew. Imagine a giant, squishy bean stuck to his face—that’s the ticket!

Step 3: Smile Wide

Let’s spread some joy with a big, curvy smile. Start from the bottom of his nose and make a “U” that’s all about happiness. Yoshi’s not shy about smiling, so neither should you!

Step 4: Eye See You

Above that grand smile, let’s sketch two ovals for eyes. Keep them close, like best friends. Yoshi’s eyes are the windows to his fun-loving soul.

How To Draw Yoshi 2

Step 5: Fancy Feet

It’s time for some fancy footwork! Draw two wide, rounded shapes beneath his smile. These aren’t just any feet—they’re the feet of a hero ready for adventure.

Step 6: Dino Hands

Yoshi needs his hands to wave hello! On each side of his body, draw a rounded shape for his hands. Think of them like tiny clouds, ready to catch his friends.

How To Draw Yoshi 3

Step 7: Backbone to Adventure

Every hero needs a backbone. Draw a line from the back of Yoshi’s head down to his tail. It’s like drawing the path of his next adventure.

Step 8: Tail Time

Let’s not forget Yoshi’s tail—an essential tool for his quests. From the bottom of his backbone line, draw a curve that ends with a point. It’s the exclamation mark at the end of our drawing adventure!

How To Draw Yoshi 4

Step 9: Shell Shocked

Last but definitely not least, Yoshi needs his shell. Start from his back, drawing a big, rounded shape that covers his rear. It’s his trusty backpack, ready for whatever comes his way!

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