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How To Draw Shoto Todoroki From My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki, a standout character from “My Hero Academia,” is a blend of fire and ice, literally. Half of his hair flames in an intense red, while the other half cools down in an icy white, mirroring his quirk’s duality. His presence is as complex as his fiery gaze and chilly demeanor hint at a storm of emotions brewing beneath.

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki

Now, transforming this iconic figure onto paper has never been more fun or easier! With our engaging and straightforward instructions, even beginners can capture Todoroki’s captivating essence, bringing his icy-hot persona to life stroke by stroke. So, grab your drawing tools, and let’s channel our inner heroes to create something extraordinary!

Drawing Process

Step 1:

Let’s kick things off with Todoroki’s face shape. With a wavy curve, draw a U for his chin and cheeks. Pop a T inside that U for a top-secret roadmap to place his mighty manga eyes and nose.

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki 1

Step 2:

Draw two squinty anime hero eyes using some snazzy curves on the guide line. Sketch half-moons inside for the irises and dot in those pupils. Now, give him some expressive eyebrows and a nose with a couple of swift flicks, and finish with a frown (because heroes have serious business to attend to!).

Step 3:

Time to vanish those extra lines on the face! Next, let’s give Todoroki a cool hairdo. Spiky bangs are in, so use zigzag curves to create them falling across his forehead.

Step 4:

Keep the spiky theme going and sketch out the sides of his hair. While you’re at it, curve out his ears with mini “C” shapes on each side of his head.

Step 5:

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki 2

Hair, hair, hair! We’re adding more on top, so make sure those lines are wiggly and meet up at the crown of his head. Continue with more jagged chunks falling elegantly to the sides.

Step 6:

Okay, get rid of any guide lines from the hair. Then comes the fun part: draw a few lines from his hairline to his crown to show off his rad dual-colored hair. Don’t forget the scar – just a smooth line cutting through his eyebrow. Then, give our boy a neck with a couple of vertical lines below his head.

Step 7:

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki 3

Heroes need their gear, so draw his collar with some nice curved lines. Add detail to the neck using short curves to give the impression of those powerful hero muscles.

Step 8:

Almost there! We’re crafting the outer edge of Todoroki’s collar now, with more curved lines. Remember, overlapping lines mean fabric folds. Add shoulders so he’s ready for action.

Step 9:

How To Draw Shoto Todoroki 4

Lastly, give his hero outfit some final touches with curved lines for those intricate details.

Voila! You’ve now drawn Shoto Todoroki, the master of ice and fire. Grab your crayons or markers and color him up. His right side’s hair is snowy white with a grey eye, and the left side’s like a fiery sunset with a turquoise eye.

And that’s it! You’ve officially captured the essence of Todoroki with your heroic drawing skills! 🎨✨

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