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How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite Easy Tutorial

Explore electrifying universe of Fortnite, and you’ll likely catch the beats of Marshmello, a character with a gusto for life and a love for catchy tunes. With his signature white helmet resembling a marshmallow and an outfit that’s all about the base drop, he’s not just a character; he’s a vibe. Marshmello isn’t just about his iconic appearance though; his enigmatic persona keeps gamers and music lovers intrigued. Ready to bring this legendary DJ to your sketchbook?

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite

Following our easy-breezy steps, you’ll transform simple shapes and lines into a masterpiece of Marshmello’s joyous essence. Let’s turn up the music and unleash our pencils, capturing Fortnite’s beat-mashing maestro in a dance of graphite and paper.

Step 1: The Outline of the Head

Starting with the basics! Sketch a big, round shape for Marshmello’s head. Think of a giant marshmallow floating right in front of you, ready to come to life under your pencil!

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite 1

Step 2: Facial Guidelines

Now, inside that marshmallow head, draw two crossing lines. These lines will guide us when we add those iconic Marshmello features shortly. Keep it lightly drawn; it’s just a map for now.

Step 3: The Eyes

Here comes the fun part! Two large X’s right where the eyes should be. These aren’t just any old X’s; they’re the windows to Marshmello’s soul. Make ’em bold and striking!

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite 2

Step 4: That Marshmello Smile

Draw a simple smile just beneath the eye line – because Marshmello is all about the good vibes! Keep that line curved, showing he’s having a blast just like we are drawing him.

Step 5: The Body Outline

Let’s give our Marshmello a body. Add a rectangle beneath the head; this will become his legendary outfit. No need for fancy details, just the basic shape to get us started.

Step 6: The Arm and Hand

To the side of the rectangle body, add an arm – a nice, simple stick figure arm will do for now. At the end of the arm, draw a circle for the hand. We’re keeping it easy and breezy!

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite 3

Step 7: Details on the Outfit

Now let’s dress this DJ up! Add two parallel lines running down the body, and two horizontal lines across the chest. This is Marshmello’s snazzy jacket coming together nicely.

Step 8: Final Touches on the Outfit

Let’s add the shin guards – two rectangles on the lower body piece. Then, four diagonal lines on the torso for that cool harness he wears. Marshmello is almost ready to hit the dance floor!

How To Draw Marshmello From Fortnite 4

Step 9: Bringing the Marshmello to Life

Last step, future artists! Erase any extra lines from our initial guidelines – we no longer need our map. And just like that, you’ve brought the Fortnite legend, Marshmello, to life on your paper!

Throw in some shades or leave it bold with lines – your Marshmello, your rules. And that’s a wrap – you’ve officially drawn one of Fortnite’s coolest DJs! Keep those creative juices flowing, and remember, practice makes perfect! Happy drawing, champs! 🎨👨‍🎤🎉


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