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How To Draw Itachi Step By Step Guide

Itachi Uchiha steps out of the fantastical world of “Naruto” with his enigmatic aura intact. He’s the guy with the brooding eyes, shrouded in mystery and clad in the iconic Akatsuki cloak. His signature long, raven-black hair frames a face that has seen much more than it lets on. Now, kids can capture his stoic coolness on paper!

How To Draw Itachi

How To Draw Itachi

With the easiest of steps, transforming a blank page into a striking portrait of Itachi is child’s play. Grab those pencils, and let’s embark on this artistic ninja mission together!

Step 1: Those Mysterious Eyes

Let’s kick off with Itachi’s eyes, a standout feature for sure! Picture drawing a oddly shaped square – that’s how we begin sketching his eyes. Inside each eye, draw three circles, each one smaller than the last, and shade in the tiniest circle for the pupil. Don’t forget a slight curve above each eye to show where his eyelids are.

How to Draw Itachi 1

Step 2: Fashioning the Face

Next, add some shape to Itachi’s face. Draw lines that come down from each eye and connect them at the chin, creating a face shape. Ah, Itachi’s starting to look like someone now!

Step 3: The Hair Begins

Time for some hair action! Start with the bangs that fall across Itachi’s forehead by drawing spiky lines that point downwards. Think of drawing a crown of spikes; that’s the vibe we’re going for.

Step 4: The Hair Continues

Keep the spiky look going by drawing more spikes around the face to finish the bottom half of Itachi’s hair. Imagine drawing a spiky halo around his head.

Step 5: Top of the Hairdo

Now, let’s complete the masterpiece that is Itachi’s hair. Sketch long lines from the top of his head that meet the spikes you’ve already drawn. It’s like adding the top layer of a delicious cake.

Step 6: Headgear in Place

How to Draw Itachi 2

Itachi wears a cool headband too. Draw a line across his forehead, under his hair spikes, for the headband. Don’t forget to include a small rectangle in the middle for the symbol.

Step 7: The Symbol of Allegiance

Inside that rectangle on the headband, we’re going to draw Itachi’s village symbol, which sort of looks like a leaf with a line through it. Just a simple emblem to show where his loyalties lie.

How to Draw Itachi 3

Step 8: Attire Details

Almost there! Now it’s time to dress Itachi in his iconic outfit. Draw a high collar or neckline for his cloak – imagine drawing a fluffy, popped collar.

Step 9: Final Touches

How To Draw Itachi 4

To wrap it up, add details to his clothing. Draw some lines down from the collar to suggest the folds in his cloak, and voilà, Itachi stands before us!

There you have it, a step-by-step guide to bringing Itachi from “Naruto” to your drawing paper. Pretty straightforward, right? Remember, the key is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Happy drawing!

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