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How To Draw Holly Step By Step Guide

Holly, with its glossy, spiky leaves and bold, red berries, is the life of the winter party in the plant kingdom. Its vibrant greens and cheerful berries make it a timeless symbol of holiday festivities. Now, isn’t it exciting to think you can capture that holiday essence with just a pencil and paper? By following our easy, breezy drawing guide, you’ll whip up your own holly illustration in no time. So, let’s channel that inner artist and bring Holly to life on your canvas with some simple, fun steps!

How To Draw Holly

How To Draw Holly

 Step 1: Draw the First Leaf

Start by sketching a curvy line that loops around like a mini roller coaster track. This will be the guide for your first holly leaf.

Step 2: Outline the Leaf

How To Draw Holly 1

Add another curvy line parallel to the first one, making sure they meet at the tip. Now you’ve got the outline of a leaf that looks like it could dance!

Step 3: Give It Some Detail

Inside this leaf, draw a wiggly line that follows the shape from top to bottom. It’s like adding a cool vein to give your leaf some life!

Step 4: Time for Another Leaf

Create another curvy line coming out from where you started your first leaf. This is the beginning of leaf number two. Keep it close to your first leaf; they’re best buds.

Step 5: Complete the Second Leaf

How To Draw Holly 2

Just like the first, draw a matching line to complete the second leaf’s shape. Remember, they don’t have to be perfect twins. Leaves love being unique!

Step 6: Add the Vein

How To Draw Holly 3

Draw a wiggly line down the middle of your second leaf. There! Now both your leaves have their cool veins.

Step 7: Begin the Third Leaf

Get ready for some excitement! Draw a line swooping down from where the first two leaves joined. This will start our third leaf, giving our holly a fabulous trio vibe.

Step 8: Finish the Third Leaf

Loop your line back up to where you started, and you’ve got your third leaf outlined. Don’t forget to add that wiggly vein down its center for the final touch!

Step 9: Berries Time!

How To Draw Holly 4

No holly is complete without berries. Add three small circles nestled between the leaves for the holly berries. They’re like little round friends joining the party.

And voila! You’ve drawn a magnificent sprig of holly, full of life and ready to spread some holiday cheer. Feel free to grab some crayons or markers to add color to your masterpiece!

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