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How To Draw Belle From Beauty And The Beast Step By Step Guide

Belle, the star of “Beauty and the Beast,” is not your average storybook princess. With her love for books and her spirit of adventure, she’s as brainy as she is beautiful. Dressed in her iconic, twirling golden gown and with her brown locks cascading down, she catches every eye in the room. If you’re eager to capture the essence of this beloved Disney heroine, we’ve whisked together the simplest of instructions.

How To Draw Belle

How To Draw Belle

Grab your pencils and let the enchantment of drawing Belle unfold on your very own canvas!

Drawing Process

Sketch the Base: Start by drawing an oval shape for Belle’s face. This is like drawing a big, juicy grape! Then add two lines, one vertical and one horizontal, to make a cross on the oval. This will help us guide where to draw her features later.

How To Draw Belle 1

Hair Outline Magic: Let’s give Belle some beautiful hair! Draw a few wavy lines starting from the top of her head, swooping down to create her hairline and the outer shape of her hair. Imagine you’re drawing waves on a beach!

Eyes – Windows to the Soul: On the horizontal line of your grape, sketch two almond shapes for her eyes. Inside each eye, draw a circle for the pupil and leave a small blank dot inside for a sparkle of light!

How To Draw Belle 2

Nose and Mouth Charms: Just below the eyes, on the vertical line, add a small, soft curve for her nose. Then draw a wider, gentle curve below the nose to create her lips. Think of drawing a little bird in flight for her smile.


Enchanting Details: Now, let’s add eyelashes by drawing a few small lines on the edges of her eyes. Then sketch her eyebrows, just above the eyes, making sure they look softly arched, like mini rainbows.

How To Draw Belle 3

Elegant Gown Design: Draw Belle’s shoulders sloping down from her neck, and then sketch the top part of her dress. Imagine you’re designing a dress for a princess—make it fancy!

More Hair Details: Go back to the hair now and add some more waves and curls. Try to make them look lively, like they’re dancing in the wind!

How To Draw Belle 4

Final Face Touch-ups: Add any final details to her face. Maybe give her a tiny dimple or refine her eyelashes and lips, so she looks perfectly pretty.

Trace and Color: Once you’re happy with your drawing, trace over the lines with a darker line to make your sketch pop! Then grab some colors—yellows for her dress, browns for her hair, and peach for her skin. Color her in gently, and voilà, you have your very own Belle!

Well done! You’ve just brought Belle to life with your fantastic artistic skills. Isn’t she lovely?

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