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How To Draw An Eagle Step By Step

Follow this exciting guide on How To Draw An Eagle, taking you on an artistic journey to turn basic lines and shapes into stunning birds of prey.

How To Draw An Eagle

How To Draw An Eagle

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as we soar through the skies of imagination, exploring the majestic world of the mighty eagle! In our thrilling guide on How To Draw An Eagle, we’ll express a creative quest, transforming simple lines and shapes into breathtaking birds of prey. With wings outstretched and talons ready, our eagle will come to life, capturing the essence of freedom and power. So, fasten your artist’s cape and grab your pencils as we journey into the boundless realm of artistic expression. Where the sky’s the limit, and our eagle drawing will take flight!

Step 1

How To Draw An Eagle Step 1

Start by making the head of your eagle’s drawing. You have to make an upside-down cap with zigzag edges, and you are done.

Step 2

How To Draw An Eagle Step 2

Secondly, make the beak of your eagle and add an eye right behind the peak. The eye will top by a simple line to use as an eyebrow. And the beak will bend down a little to make it look like a real American eagle.

Step 3

How To Draw An Eagle Step 3

In the third step, draw a one-dimensional side wing of your eagle. It will determine the height of your eagle drawing, so maximize it up to your desired length your need.

Step 4

How To Draw An Eagle Step 4

Add the lower abdomen border to your eagle’s drawing in this step. Make a slight curve, which will serve well as showing you the best possible shape and bang!

Step 5

highest flying bird sketch Step 5

Make one leg of your eagle in this step; try to keep the leg simple, add three nails, and move on to the next step.

Step 6

easy to sketch bird Step 6

In the sixth section, you can highlight the output of the previous steps and will add the feathery tail to your eagle’s drawing.

Final Step

easy to sketch bird Final Step

Here is the final step I suggest you color your eagle’s sketch and make it a decent addition to your bird’s drawing collection.

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