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How To Draw A Zombie Easy Fun Guide

Behold the eccentric character of our darling Zombie, a delightful mix of the whimsical and the weird. With eyes popping from lack of sleep and a smile that could spook the bravest of hearts, he’s the epitome of undead charm. His clothes are fashionably tattered, and his hair could use a comb… if he cared for such mortal concerns. Eager to shuffle his way into your sketchbook? Grab your pencil and follow our easy, peppy guide – it’s the no-brainer way to bring your zany Zombie to life on paper!

How To Draw A Zombie

How To Draw A Zombie

Alright, let’s embark on a thrilling artistic adventure and bring to life our very own cartoon-style zombie! Here’s a simplified, super enjoyable way to sketch out a zombie, broken down into fun and manageable steps. Get your pencils ready – let’s raise the dead (on paper)!

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Cool Zombie

Step 1: Zombie’s Head Beginnings

Start off by drawing a modest circle on your paper. This isn’t just any circle; it’s the foundation of your zombie’s noggin. Ensure it’s not too big; we’ve got to save room for its creepy body later!

Step 2: Crafting the Zombie’s Face

Now, inside that circle, it’s time to draw two lines that look like a cross, diving the face into quarters. This helps figure out where your zombie’s eerily excited eyes and gnarly nose will go.

How to Draw a Zombie 1

Step 3: Eye it Out

In the top quarters, sketch in two circles for eyes – our zombie hasn’t slept in ages, so make him look as surprised as someone discovering they’re a zombie! Add eyebrows angling inwards to give him that “I just woke up like this” look.

Step 4: The Nose Knows

Right below where you plotted the eyes, lightly sketch a small rectangle or a faded ‘L’ for the nose. Zombies don’t need perfect noses, so a simple mark will do.

Step 5: A Grinning Ghoul

Time for a grin that’s both spooky and a bit goofy – just beneath the nose, draw a wide, mischievous smile. This isn’t your average smile; it’s the kind that says, “I might be up to something!”

How to Draw a Zombie 2

Step 6: Ears and Hair – The Finishing Touches

No zombie’s complete without raggedy ears and some hair. On the sides of the head, add ears that look like they’ve seen better days. Then give your zombie some funky, unkempt hair on top. Zombies aren’t known for their haircare routine, after all.

Step 7: Dressing the Zombie

It’s all about that ragged Chic! Draw a neck coming down from the head, and sketch out a tattered shirt – zombies aren’t winning any fashion awards, so the more torn, the better.

How to Draw a Zombie 3

Step 8: Those Zombie Arms

Every decent zombie walks with outstretched arms. Draw them reaching forward, as if trying to grab a snack (hint: it’s brains). Remember, zombies are all about the casual dangle; no need for perfection here.

Step 9: Final Touches – Bringing the Zombie to Life

Now that your zombie is almost ready to join the living dead, go back, and add any final details. Maybe some stitches, a couple of patches on the clothes, or extra tufts of hair. And voilà! Your very own zombie, ready to amble into your collection of drawings.

How To Draw A Zombie 4

And there you go! Step back, admire your work, and show off your new undead friend. Remember, every zombie has its own personality, so feel free to add your own quirky touches along the way!


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