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How To Draw A Tulip Easy Guide

Behold the tulip: a splash of vibrant hues standing tall on a slender stem with petals soft as satin. Its cup-shaped elegance is a painter’s dream and a garden’s jewel. If you’re captivated by its undeniable charm, you’re in for a treat! With the simplest of strokes and a dash of creativity, you can bring this botanical beauty to life on paper. Follow our cheerful guide to draw your very own tulip, revealing that even the most delicate of blooms can be conjured with a few playful lines and a sprinkle of imagination.

How To Draw A Tulip

How To Draw A Tulip

Drawing Process

Get that Stem Right: Start with a wiggly slide, drawing two long lines side by side, but not touching; they’re best friends but like personal space – that’s your flower’s stem.


Leaf Time: Let’s give our stem a cool cape – a leaf! Draw a curvy line that starts from the stem, swooshes out and comes back like a boomerang, but let it stick to the stem at the end.

Cup for the Petals: Our tulip needs a cup to hold its petals! Draw a wide “U” shape at the top of the stem; imagine it’s a cozy nest cradling the soon-to-be petals.


First Petal Peek: Above the cup, draw a little hill that peaks in the middle, but don’t go all the way down on the sides. It’s the top of your first petal saying “Hello!”

Side Petal Pop: It’s time for the wings – uh, I mean side petals. Draw a line from each side of the cup, curving it out and up like a superhero cape flapping in the wind. Connect the tips back to the petal hilltop.


Second Petal’s Debut: There’s another sneaky petal hiding behind! To show it’s there, we’ll draw a bumpy line (think of drawing a cloud) right under the first petal’s peak.

Details, Details: Now let’s play connect-the-dots inside our tulip. Join the bottom of the front and back petals with a dip in the middle. This makes it look like the petals are hugging the flower.

Leaf the Second: Because two is better than one, let’s draw another leaf! This time, the leaf is pointing down, starting from the stem and making a big curve like a water slide.


Finishing Touch: Give your flower some texture lines. A few ‘V’ and ‘Y’ shapes inside the petals make it look super fancy.

And there you have it, a tulip that’s so pretty, bees might just fly out of your drawing! Grab some crayons to color your masterpiece; tulips come in all sorts of bright, happy colors. Have fun with your new flowery friend!

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