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How To Draw A Skull in 3/4 View Easy Guide

Behold the mysterious charm of a 3/4 view skull, a sight that combines the eerie with the intriguing. Its off-kilter stare and enigmatic grin whisper tales of bygone secrets, while its angled perspective adds an air of artistic curiosity. With features etched in shadow and light, this timeless symbol of the macabre dares us to capture its essence on paper. Fear not though, for we’ve concocted the simplest of spells – a step-by-step guide – to conjure this bony visage from the realm of the page with no more than a pencil and a dash of daring.

How To Draw A Skull In 3/4 View

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Alright, let’s make drawing a skull super simple and fun! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sketch your very own skull in a 3/4 view, without making it too spooky!

Step 1: Start with the Outline

Grab your pencil and lightly sketch an oval for the main part of the skull. Tilt it slightly to one side because nobody’s head is straight all the time, right?


Step 2: Shape the Jaw

Now, let’s give our skull a jaw. Draw a U-shape, but make sure it’s a bit narrower at the bottom. Attach this to the bottom of your oval.

Step 3: Eye Sockets on the Lookout!

Time for the eye sockets! On the top half of the oval, draw two circles like sunglasses. These are where our skull’s eyes used to be. Remember, the one on the side should be a bit smaller because of the angle.

Step 4: A Nose, But Not for Breathing

Right between the eyes and a little lower, draw a funky, upside-down heart for the nose hole. Make it mysterious – it’s a skull after all!


Step 5: Flash Those Teeth!

Let’s sketch in the top part of the mouth. Draw a curved line below the nose, and add vertical dashes for teeth. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect – they’re supposed to be a bit eerie.

Step 6: Completing the Mouth

Just below the line you just drew for the top teeth, mirror that line for the bottom teeth. Add more vertical dashes to fill in those gaps. There, the smile’s complete!


Step 7: Doodle in the Details

Now for some artistic flair! Add cracks and lines here and there over the skull to make it look wise and ancient.

Step 8: Define the Outline

Take your eraser and clean up any unnecessary or stray lines. Then, go over your skull with a stronger touch to make the main outlines pop. This gives your skull that bold look.

How To Draw A Skull in 34 View 4

Step 9: Shading Makes Everything Cooler

Last touch – shading. Use your pencil to add some shadows around the nose, under the cheekbones, and inside the eye sockets. This gives your skull some 3D magic!

And voilà! You’ve just drawn a super cool skull in 3/4 view. Give yourself a pat on the back and maybe color it in if you feel like it!


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