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How To Draw A Shovel – Step By Step

Have you ever wanted to draw a shovel that is both practical and essential for gardening and outdoor adventures? Look no further! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a shovel step-by-step. Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, you can follow along and create a realistic rendering of this handy tool. So grab your paper and pencil and dig into this drawing lesson!

How To Draw A Shovel

How To Draw A Shovel

Uses Of Shovel

A shovel is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

1. Digging: A shovel is primarily used for digging holes, trenches, and ditches in soil, sand, or gravel.
2. Lifting: Shovels can lift and move loose materials such as dirt, gravel, sand, and snow.
3. Mixing: Shovels can mix concrete, mortar, and other building materials.
4. Gardening: A shovel is an essential tool for gardening and can be used for tasks such as planting, transplanting, and removing weeds.
5. Landscaping: Shovels can be used for landscaping tasks such as creating flower beds, edging, and leveling the ground.
6. Clearing: Shovels can clear away debris, such as fallen leaves or branches, and remove snow from driveways and sidewalks.
7. Construction: Shovels move materials and create building foundations.

Overall, a shovel is a versatile tool that can be used in various settings, making it an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast, gardener, or construction worker. This is the main reason we created this amazing shovel drawing tutorial because most of our readers fall in this category, and we have a huge request for making a tutorial for drawing this tool.

Step 1

How To Draw A Shovel Step 1

Start by making the upper handle of your shovel! It will just be a simple mini rectangle.

Step 2

How To Draw A Shovel Step 2

Then draw a long strip to use as a handle and make it slightly curved to give an appearance of a real shovel handle.

Step 3

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Thirdly make the pan base of your shovel, which will act as a platform; you have to draw a half oval around your pre-drawn shovel handle and then join both ends of your pan base with the middle handle and complete your shovel.

Final Step

How To make A gardening tool sketch Final Step

Lastly, add paints or color to your shovel drawing to make it a masterpiece addition to your drawing collection. You can go with other color options, too, but the most reliable and suited one is shown in the above image because it resembles a real shovel.

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