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How To Draw A Robin Easy Guide

Explore the world of the cheerful robin, a bird that boasts a striking red chest, often the first sign of spring to many. With its petite frame, quick legs, and the famous bright plumage, this feathered friend is a joy to behold in gardens and woodlands alike. Now, imagine capturing the essence of this delightful creature on paper.

How To Draw A Robin

How To Draw A Robin

Our drawing guide breaks down the process into simple, fun steps, ensuring artists of all ages can bring their own robin to life. Follow along, and watch as your robin takes flight from the tip of your pencil, all through an exciting artistic journey laid out just for you.

 Drawing Process

  • The Head: Begin our feathery friend’s journey by sketching a small circle on your paper. This circle is the starting point of our robin’s head.
  • Birdie Body Blueprint: Next up, it’s time to give our robin something more than a head, right? Draw an oval slightly tilted to the left, connecting it to the head. Think of it as drawing a little egg for the body.

How To Draw A Robin 1

  • Beak Speak: Every bird needs a beak! On the right side of the head circle, draw a tiny triangle poking out. This is where our robin will sing from.
  • Eye Spy: Just above the beak and slightly to the left, add a small circle for the eye. Inside this circle, draw another tiny circle and color it in, leaving a tiny dot white for a sparkle in its eye. Our robin has to see where it’s going, after all.
  • Cute Little Legs: It’s time for our robin to stand up tall! Draw two stick-like figures coming out from the bottom of the body oval for legs. Add some tiny ovals at the end for feet. Now, our birdie can hop around!

How To Draw A Robin 2


  • Feathery Fashion: Our robin is feeling a bit chilly, so let’s give it some wings and feathers. Draw a curved line on its side for a wing and another curved line on its belly. It’s all about adding layers to keep our birdie cozy.

How To Draw A Robin 3

  • Tail Tales: Behind the robin, add a fan-like shape with a couple of lines for its tail. Robins are known for their beautiful tails, so let’s not forget this essential feature.
  • Setting the Scene: No drawing is complete without a bit of scenery, right? Under the robin’s feet, sketch some grass or even a branch if you feel like our birdie should be perched up high. This is your chance to be creative!

How To Draw A Robin 4

  • Color it Alive: Now for the grand finale – bring your robin to life with some color! Grab those crayons or colored pencils and paint our friend with shades of brown, red (don’t forget the famous red breast!), and a dash of blue for the eyes. Now, you have a lively robin on your page!

And voila! You’ve just drawn a robin. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try drawing your robin friend again. Each time it’ll look even better!

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