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How To Draw A Race Car Step By Step Guide

Zoom into the world of art with the fastest character on paper – the Race Car. With its sleek design, vibrant colors, and an aura that screams ‘speed’, this racer is all set to leave the competition in the dust. It boasts a streamlined body, sporty wheels, and that unmistakable spoiler, making it the envy of the track.

How To Draw A Race Car

How To Draw A Race Car

Dive into the process of bringing this speedster to life with easy, breezy steps tailored just for you. Whether you’re a rookie artist or a skilled pencil-wielder, our simplified guide is your ticket to drawing a race car that’s ready to take on any grand prix. Let those pencils roar and capture the essence of speed on your canvas!

Drawing Process

Step 1: Start your artistic race by sketching the sleek body of your car. Imagine combining a pointy hat (a triangle) with a long skateboard (an elongate shape), making sure they overlap just like a cheese slice on a cracker. This will be the race car’s speedy chassis and its strong backbone!

Step 2: Next on the track, let’s add some muscle to your race car with the front hood and rear body. Think of drawing a squished marshmallow for the front and a skate ramp for the back, then connect them with a graceful, curvy line for the roof and a straight one below for the base.

How To Draw A Race Car 1

Step 3: Every champion needs a helmet, and every race car needs a cockpit! Sketch a bubble on the top for where the driver sits and show off those windows with a couple of sleek, racing stripes.

Step 4: It’s time for cool sneakers, or in this case, wheels! Draw two big circles for the tires, but remember, they’re peeking from under the car, so only some parts will show. Add smaller circles inside for the hubs where the magic of speed happens.

How To Draw A Race Car 2

Step 5: No car is complete without a snazzy pair of sunglasses. I mean, headlights! Start by plotting two shining spots at the front. Then, draw tiny rectangles on the sides to make sure other race cars can see your car’s awesome moves.


Step 6: Now, give your car its wings—well, sort of. Sketch a stylish spoiler at the back; it’s like a shelf for the wind! And don’t forget the side view mirrors; they’re like little ears listening for the cheering crowd.

How To Draw A Race Car 3

Step 7: Every racing champ needs a number; it’s like a superhero emblem! Place a bold number on the side, maybe your favorite digit, and encase it in a cloud shape to make it stand out.

Step 8: Your car’s looking super, but it needs those nifty details to zoom ahead. Add some groovy lines on the wheels for the tires’ texture and give the steering wheel a home right in the cockpit.

How To Draw A Race Car 4

Step 9: Vroom, vroom! The finish line is in sight! Erase any extra skid marks you might’ve left during the drawing race. Now, take out your crayons, markers, or pencils and color your car to win the trophy!

And there you go! Your very own race car is ready to hit the tracks. Buckle up, and let your creativity race to the finish line!

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