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How To Draw A Mummy Easy Tutorial

Check out this classic mummy, bundled up in timeless fashion with tattered bandages and peering through a single, mysterious eye. Legend has it, he’s just stumbled out of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, still wrapped in his age-old attire. Why not bring this intriguing character to life? Our easy step-by-step instructions are so simple that you’ll feel like a skilled archaeologist uncovering hidden gems. Unwrap the fun of drawing your very own mummy and add your unique splash of creativity!

How To Draw A Mummy

How To Draw A Mummy 5

Step 1: The Mummy’s Noggin

Kick things off by doodling a simple oval. Imagine it’s a balloon floating up into the sky but… it’s your mummy’s head!

Step 2: Mummy’s Peek-a-Boo Wrap

Draw a long, squiggly line from the top of the head to the bottom of your page. This will start forming the mysterious bandages of our mummy friend. Make sure it’s not too straight; mummies love their wraps to be crinkly!

How To Draw A Mummy 1

Step 3: Eye See You!

Time for some peek-a-boo. Draw a small oval for an eye, making our mummy come to life. It’s like it’s saying, “I see you… do you see me?”

Step 4: Wrap, Wrap, and Away!

Let’s give our mummy more cozy bandages. Draw another squiggly line across the face for that stylish ancient Egyptian look.

How To Draw A Mummy 2

Step 5: More Mystery Bandages

Our mummy loves its wraps. Draw more wavy lines across the head. Think of it as giving your mummy a fun hairstyle with lots of layers.

Step 6: All Wrapped Up

Our mummy’s feeling chilly. Let’s wrap it up nicely by drawing more squiggly bandages around the lower part. It’s like wrapping a present, but way more fun.

How To Draw A Mummy 3

Step 7: The Final Wrap

The mummy’s almost ready for the big reveal. Add some bandages that look like they’re hanging off, for that fresh-out-of-the-pyramid look.

Step 8: Mummy’s Got Arms

Draw two stick-like shapes on either side of your mummy. These are the arms. Mummies need them for… mummy stuff.

How To Draw A Mummy 4

Step 9: The Wrap Star

Finish your drawing by adding lines inside the arms to make them look wrapped. And there you have it, your very own mummy, ready to strut down the pyramid runway!

And just like that, you’ve done it. You’ve drawn a mummy that’s sure to be the talk of the tomb. Go ahead, give it some color, make it pop, and don’t forget to show it off with pride. You’re now officially a mummy-making master!


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