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How To Draw A Mother’s Day Flower Step By Step Guide

Behold the Mother’s Day Flower, a symbol of love and appreciation that blooms from the heart. Its stems are as sturdy as a mother’s embrace, leaves as nurturing as her care, and petals softer than her whispers of comfort. A spectacle of affection in hues that mirror mom’s vibrant spirit. Now, with a dash of creativity and the simplest of steps we’ve laid out, you can bring this floral marvel to life on your canvas. Let your pencils dance and your colors sing as you craft a piece of art that’s as special as mom herself!

How To Draw A Mother’s Day Flower

How To Draw A Mother’s Day Flower

Drawing Process

Starting the Stem: Get ready to plant your flower on the page! Just like a plant needs a sturdy stem to stand tall, let’s draw ours. Make two gently curvy lines close together, starting them like a river flowing upside down. Make sure to connect them at the very bottom to form the very base of your stem.

Let’s Add Leaves: Now, let’s give our stem some stylish green accessories – leaves! Draw a pointy, long oval on one side for leaf number one, and mirror it on the other side for leaf number two. Tada! It’s already looking leafy and lovely.


Beginning the Blossom: Every flower needs a crowning glory – its blossom. Start with a wide, smiling curve on top of the stem – think of a rainbow resting there.

More Blossom Magic: Let’s create petal number one. Right above the smiling curve, draw a shape that looks like an upside-down heart. This is the start of your flower’s fabulous hairdo!


Even More Petals: We can’t stop at just one petal; let’s give it some friends! Draw another upside-down heart next to the first one, just slightly overlapping. Now our flower is getting fuller!


Keep the Petals Coming: Petal party! Add two more upside-down heart-shapes for petals, one on each side. Our flower is almost ready to bloom!

Finishing Petals: The floral ensemble isn’t complete without the last two petals peeking from behind. Cap it all off with two smaller curve lines at the back of your flower. It’s now a fancy, full bloom!


Detail Time: Give your petals some pizzazz with texture. Tiny, teeny lines in the center of the petals will do the trick – just a few will make it perfect.

The Grand Finale – Coloring: Now for the grand finale! Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or whatever paints your palette and color in your masterpiece. Make it as colorful as your mom’s personality!


Whew! You did it, kiddo. Your Mother’s Day flower is sure to bring out the biggest smile. Great job!

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