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How To Draw A Haunted House Easy Guide

Behold, an abode where the floors creak and the walls whisper, the haunted house stands as a testament to spookiness. Towering over a hillock, its lopsided structure, shadowy windows, and eerie doorways seem to hold a thousand ghost stories. Its chimneys, like silent sentinels, add to the aura of mystery. Imagine bringing this chilling spectacle to life with your own hands!

How To Draw A Haunted House

How To Draw A Haunted House

Step 1: The Ghostly Ground

We start our spooky adventure by drawing a wavy, curved line. This isn’t just any line; it’s the very hill our haunted house will sit atop, looming over the land!

How To Draw A Haunted House 1

Step 2: The Foundation of Frights

Right above our hill, we’re drawing a big, tall rectangle. Think of it as the haunted house’s very own yoga pose – straight and strong. This will be the main part of our creepy crib.

Step 3: Ghostly Guiding Lines

With the main body of our house standing tall, it’s time to add some guidelines. Sketch two lines coming out from the top, leaning inward like a pyramid – these are for our spooky roof.

Step 4: A Roof With A Boo

Now, let’s connect those leaning lines with a slightly curved one for that ghost-approved, wonky roof look. It’s like putting a witchy hat on our house, making it ready for the haunting season.

Step 5: Eerie Extensions

Our haunted house needs more room for its ghostly guests! Let’s draw two rectangles, one on each side, for eerie extensions. These are like the arms of our house, ready to spook anyone who dares enter.

How To Draw A Haunted House 2

Step 6: Chimneys and Shadows

No haunted house is complete without places for bats and shadows. Let’s add two chimney-like structures on top of our extensions – places where the shadowy figures can chill and plot their spooky shenanigans.

Step 7: The Whispering Windows

Time to peek inside with some windows! Draw rectangles on the house and extensions. But remember, these aren’t just windows; they’re the eyes of the house, always watching…

How To Draw A Haunted House 3

Step 8: The Door to Doom

Right in the middle of our haunted house, draw a tall, spooky door. This isn’t just a regular door; it’s an invitation to the unknown. Who knows what lies behind it?

Step 9: Final Frights

Time to finish off with all the tiny details that make our house truly haunted. Think broken wood, eerie cracks, or even a ghostly figure by the windows. Let your pencil wander as you add all the spooky touches.

How To Draw A Haunted House 4

And there you go! Step back and admire the haunted house you’ve just created. It’s standing tall on its hill, filled with stories and ready for its ghostly residents. Great job, artist!


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