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How To Draw Gecko Step By Step Tutorial

Behold the gecko, nature’s own sticky-pawed adventurer, decked out in a tapestry of scales that range from earthy hues to a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. With eyes like shimmering orbs and a tail that tells tales of escapades, this little reptile is a marvel of adaptability, equally at home on sun-drenched rocks or cool, shadowed leaves.

How To Draw A Gecko

How To Draw A Gecko

Capturing the charm of this spry lizard on paper is a delightful escapade in itself, and with our easy-to-follow guide, you can conjure up your own gecko creation. Grab your drawing tools, invoke the spirit of fun, and let’s sketch this quirky critgetter with ease!

Drawing Process

Step 1: Start with the head by sketching a flat ‘U’ shape. It’s like the gecko is peeking over a fence to say hello!

How To Draw A Gecko 1

Step 2: Next up is the gecko’s smiley mouth. Add a curve underneath the flat ‘U’ for a cheeky grinning mouth that seems to say, “Hehe, gotcha!”

Step 3: Now for the eye—you only need one since we’re drawing a side view. Draw a big oval for an eye with a dot inside, so our lizard can see where it’s going and spot any fun!

How To Draw A Gecko 2

Step 4: Geckos have unique, bendy bodies. Draw a wavy line coming down from the back of the head, and another line from the chin for the belly. Leave a little gap between the belly line and the back line; that’s where the limbs will go!


Step 5: Time for legs! Starting at the gap near the head, draw two lines for the front leg. Then add a foot with pointy toes. Do the same at the back gap for the rear leg. Our gecko is shaping up to be a real sprinter!

Step 6: Geckos love to climb, so let’s add the toes. Sketch some curvy lines at the end of each foot to show how they’re ready to grip onto anything!

How To Draw A Gecko 3

Step 7: Can’t forget the tail—a fun squiggle will do. Start from the rear leg and loop it around back toward the head. Make it as twisty or curvy as you like, just like a party streamer!

Step 8: Give your gecko some personality with patterns! Maybe draw some circles, spots, or squiggles along its back and tail. Get creative here; this is your chance to make your gecko as groovy as you wish!

How To Draw A Gecko 4

Step 9: Finish up by tracing over your lines with a stronger stroke or a darker pencil or pen to bring your gecko to life. Erase the extra sketch lines to clean up. You can color in your lizard if you like, choosing your favorite shades to make it pop off the page!

There you have it, your very own gecko friend is ready to climb up your fridge, or better yet, into your art collection. Great job!

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