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How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo Step By Step Tutorial

Ever seen a flamingo, with its ballet-pink feathers and elegant, lanky legs that look like they were made for wading through tropical waters? This bird knows how to strike a pose with its S-shaped neck and contrasting black-tipped beak that’s as stylish as it is functional. If you’re intrigued by this splash of color and grace, why not bring it to life on your own sketchpad? We’ve laid down some super simple steps to draw your very own cartoon flamingo.

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo

Here’s a playful way to sketch out a cartoon flamingo that will get kids drawing in no time:

Step 1: Start the Beak

Begin by drawing a small letter “V” lying on its side. This will start off the beak of our fabulous flamingo.

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo 1

Step 2: Complete the Beak

Add another line above the first one you drew, making the top of the beak slightly longer. Fill in a tiny part near the tip for the tip of the beak – where the flamingo’s mouth closes.

Step 3: Head’s Time!

Right above the beak, draw a big, round circle for the head. Think of drawing a big, fluffy cloud!

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo 2

Step 4: The Neck

From the bottom of that fluffy head, draw a long, swirly line down – this is our flamingo’s elegant neck, like a fancy scarf fluttering in the wind.

Step 5: Flamingo’s Body

At the end of that fluttery neck line, draw an oval lying on its side. That’s the body of your flamingo. Think of a giant bean.

Step 6: First Leg

Time for the stilts! Draw a long, straight line from the middle bottom of the body downwards. Flamingos stand on very skinny legs – just like twigs!

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo 3

Step 7: Second Leg

Add another line parallel to the first one but start this one a bit higher up and let it stretch a tad longer. Our flamingo looks like it’s standing in water now!

Step 8: Draw the Feet

At the end of each leg, add a small line for the feet. Simple lines will do – think of them as tiny branches sticking out.

How To Draw A Cartoon Flamingo 4

Step 9: Flamingo’s Wing

Lastly, go back to the side of the body and draw a leaf-shaped curve starting from the top, going down past the body and curling slightly upwards at the tip. This is the wing, adding the final, fancy touch to your flamingo.

And voilà! Grab some pink, and color your flamingo as wonderfully pink as you wish. Happy drawing!

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