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How To Draw A Calla Lily Easy Guide

The Calla Lily stands out with its elegant trumpet-shaped bloom and striking long stems, often gracing weddings and sophisticated floral arrangements. Its smooth petals can range from pristine white to vibrant hues like yellow, pink, and purple. Capturing its grace on paper might seem challenging, but fear not! By following our easy-to-use guide, even young artists can successfully sketch this stunning flower. Revel in the simplicity of our instructions and watch as your Calla Lily comes to vibrant life on the page.

How To Draw A Calla Lily

How To Draw A Calla Lily

Step 1: The Flower’s Base

Start off by sketching a “U” shaped line. This isn’t just any “U”; it’s the cozy cradle of our Calla Lily’s bloom!

Step 2: Petal Outline


Imagine a soft blanket curling around the “U”. Draw a big, curved line starting from one end of the “U” to the other, swooping above it. This is your petal taking shape!

Step 3: Petal Details

Now, let’s give our petal some flair. Add another curved line inside the petal you just drew, mimicking its shape but staying a little bit lower.

Step 4: More Flower Fun


Time to add another flower! Draw a similar “U” shape right next to the first one.

Step 5: Another Petal

Just like with the first flower, draw a big, sweeping curve to form the outer edge of another gorgeous petal.

Step 6: Petal’s Inner Line


And again, let’s trace inside this petal with another curvy line, following the shape of the outer edge.

Step 7: Adding Leaves

No flower stands alone! Let’s draw a leaf extending from near the flowers. Start with a line curving out and away from the blooms.

Step 8: Leaf Shape

Turn that line into a leaf by drawing another line that meets back near the flowers’ base, making a pointed leaf shape.


Step 9: Stems and Final Touches

Connect your flowers and leaf with two lines for the stem, diving straight down from the blooms and leaf base. Add some depth with lines in the leaf for the veins.

And there you have it, a beautiful Calla Lily masterpiece! Grab some colors to bring your drawing to life, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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