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How To Draw A Broken Mirror Easy Step By Step Guide

The Broken Mirror, a captivating symbol of fragmented reflections, carries a haunting beauty amidst its shattered shards. Its appearance, a blend of jagged edges and scattered pieces, mirrors the complex world of chaos and beauty. To capture this intriguing icon in your sketchbook, one doesn’t need to dive into the complexities of realism.

How To Draw A Broken Mirror

How To Draw A Broken Mirror

Follow our simple guide to bring out the eerie yet striking essence of a broken mirror, focusing on each fragment creatively while playing with light and shadow to enhance its dramatic impact. This approach not only simplifies the artistic process but also allows the true spirit of the broken mirror to shine through your artwork.

Alright, let’s embark on a creative journey to sketch a unique Broken Mirror, making sure each step is a blast to follow!

Drawing Process

Start with a Bang: Kick things off by sketching a rectangle. Imagine you’re drawing the magic door to an enchanted world, but this one’s got a little crack. No straight lines needed; a bit wobbly adds to the charm!

Crack it Up: Now, let’s add some drama with cracks. Draw zigzag lines starting from the top corner, letting them dance across your mirror like lightning in a stormy sky. These aren’t just any lines; they’re the paths to mystery!

How To Draw A Broken Mirror 1

Shards Galore: Time to get shard-happy! From the zigzag lines, draw more lines reaching down and across. Think of them as little slides for your pencil to zip down on, creating shapes that look like pieces of a puzzle.

Face It, It’s Fun: In one of the big shards, draw a simple face. It doesn’t have to be perfect; after all, reflections in a broken mirror are always a bit wonky. A couple of eyes, a nose, and a smile, and you’ve got a friend peeping back at you!

How To Draw A Broken Mirror 2

All About the Frame: Let’s not forget the mirror’s frame. Add a thicker line around your initial rectangle, giving it some depth. This frame has seen better days, so a little unevenness adds character.

More Cracks, More Fun: Add a few smaller cracks coming off the big ones. These are like the mirror’s whispers, each telling their own little secret. Who knew cracks could be so much fun?


How To Draw A Broken Mirror 3

Detail Time: Now, let’s give some attention to the inside of the shards. A few lines here and there give the impression of a reflection, making your drawing pop with a bit of artistic magic.

Shading Shadows: With a darker pencil or crayon, shade around the cracks and under the frame. It’s like adding shadows in the evening sun, giving your mirror depth and making it look 3D.

How To Draw A Broken Mirror 4

Finishing Touches: Lastly, let’s jazz it up with some finishing touches. A bit more shading, a few more tiny cracks, and voilà, you’ve captured a masterpiece that’s perfectly imperfect.

And there you have it—a splendidly shattered mirror, boasting stories and secrets within its cracks! Who knew breaking things could lead to such artistic fun?

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