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20 Simple Fox Drawing Ideas For All

Today, we’ll explore the charming collection of Cute Fox Drawing Ideas, learning the connection between these cunning creatures and the infinite canvas of our imagination. Foxes have long inspired artists and storytellers with fiery fur, expressive eyes, and speedy, graceful movements.  This is why foxes have traveled through human minds and ruled their hearts for centuries by adding to popular culture, literature, and other art. In particular, Drawings of foxes have been a major focus of the attention of youth and are very popular among them, which is increasing daily. So

Fox Drawings

20 Fox Drawing Ideas

Fox Drawing Easy:

While making this collection, it has been kept in mind that artists of all skill levels can choose some drawings from our following ideas according to their mastery so that they surely will learn something. But before that, we have provided all those tutorials with complete instructions made as simple as possible. Some special and detailed drawings are also included that will inspire you to bring your artistic skill to the ultra level.

Learning about foxes can be fun and exciting! So let’s get started and draw some cuddly pictures of these wonderful creatures.

Other Special Ideas:

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Cat Drawing Ideas: Calling all cat lovers! We’ve got them all here, from teeny tiny kittens to big and cuddly cats. And guess what? They’re doing some super surprising things too! Each drawing is easy to follow and made by professional artists just for you. You only have to print them out and get coloring at home. To view this Cat Drawing Collection.

Rapunzel Drawing Ideas: We’ve got loads of different Rapunzel Drawing Ideas for you to try, and we know you’ll love them all. You can even draw with your family and create some special memories together.

How to Draw A Story Fox:

The delightful cute fox drawing tutorial, where we will take you on a magical journey to breathe life into a lovable fox inspired by beautiful old stories from folklore and mythology. This charming guide is perfect for young art lovers and literature fans, as it helps you create an adorable yet angry fox with one leg raised. He is probably hungry and wandering to find food. Along the way, you will sharpen your marker coloring skills and learn unique techniques that add a touch of realism. It will leave everyone amazed by your enchanting creation.

How To Draw a Walking Fox Drawing:

This guiding session will teach each step, making it incredibly easy and fun to allow your pretty simple fox to enter the paper world quickly. Perfect for budding artists who enjoy the simplicity of pencil drawings, this tutorial allows you to understand the art of blending shades and textures using pencil colors to give your masterpiece a unique charm.

This video is designed to guide you through the inspiring sketchy world of natural textures and intricate details, such as the furry coat of our serious fox friend. Fear not, as our instructions will make mastering these difficult techniques totally simple for young artists. This lesson will teach you how to draw a cool, awesome fox sketch. A carefully placed shadow will add a touch of reality to your masterpiece. In addition to being a fun and engaging activity, this fox sketch drawing also imparts a valuable life lesson. The artwork reminds us to use our knowledge and skills for practical purposes rather than just showing off or impressing others.

Baby foxes, or kits or cubs, are sweet with fluffy fur and big, curious eyes.  This teaching video guide will show you how to create a cheerful, sitting baby fox with a lovely pink heart attached to its leg, symbolizing our love for these creatures. Foxes are known for their beautiful appearance, and this drawing grabs their cuteness perfectly. While real-life foxes have a more triangular shape, our imaginative world of paper allows us to create a friendlier, rounder version that kids will adore.

How to Draw A Fox For Kids:

This wonderful drawing class is best for dear artists who want to express their creativity and learn to draw a smiling fox that reminds us to find happiness in life. As kids follow the simple steps to sketch the fox’s triangular face at the start and bushy tail at the end, they’ll also be motivated to use their imagination and choose the colors they see in their mind’s eyes. Each time they complete this fun exercise, they’ll discover new shades and combinations that make their fox unique and vibrant.

How to Draw A Cartoon Fox:

How to Draw A Fox

Foxes have always affected a lot of cartoon and video game creators with their amazing life and beauty. That is why they have been seen in cartoons like Zootopia and many video games for several years. This guide will help young artists to create a sweet cartoon fox that will surely be a hit among their friends. The magical part about drawing cartoon foxes lies in their simple yet stunning combination of three main colors: light orange, pink, and white. These hues beautifully capture the essence of our four-legged friends while adding a touch of fancy to their design.

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How to Draw A Serious Arctic Fox:

How to Draw An Arctic Fox

The How to Draw an Arctic Fox learning period is specially presented for kids who want to explore the snowy world where these incredible creatures live. Complete with sea-green eyes that add a touch of beauty to their collection of animal sketches. With its thick, fluffy fur and sole, the Arctic fox in this drawing will surely capture the hearts of everyone who sees it.

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How To Draw A Red Fox:

How To Draw A Red Fox

The red fox is often the first image that pops into our minds when we think of foxes, and this guide will help you catch the spirit of a jungle fox with its specific features. This idea is for kids who want to bring the most common and widely recognized form of a fox in their sketchbook! With black-colored legs, a fluffy tail tipped with white like a pom-pom, and large ears, this red fox drawing is the perfect way to express your artistic skills and imagination.

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How to Draw a Sitting Fox:

How to Draw a Fox

This guide focuses on the unique sitting style of a fox, which may be a bit challenging but is perfect for enhancing your abilities. This fox drawing is an excellent piece to showcase in your school drawing competition, displaying your talent and dedication. Believe in your creativity, follow our step-by-step guide, and you’ll undoubtedly create a masterpiece that will impress everyone around you.

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Cartoon Arctic Fox:

How to Draw an Arctic Fox

This mischievous cartoon arctic fox drawing is unique, highlighted by its fluffy chest fur, pointy triangular ears, and w-shaped mouth to show its smile. We’ll capture the spirit of this snowy white fox during its wintertime while keeping in mind that their coats turn grey in the summer months. The furry chest will be white, while the other body will be grey except for the end furry end of the tail, which is also white. This whimsical Arctic fox’s grin will make everyone smile as they witness your creative masterpiece.

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Very Innocent Baby Fox:

How to Draw a Baby Fox

All the Kids will love bringing this cuddly Baby fox to their drawing with its big, innocent eyes and short, stubby legs that define the amazing chibi style. In just a few simple steps, even beginners can master the art of drawing this beautiful creature. Start by sketching out the basic shapes for the head and body, then add those iconic, large eyes that make chibi characters so sweet. Complete the look with the tiny legs that give this baby fox its playful appearance.

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How to draw a fox face?

How to Draw a Fox Face

Learn how to draw an impressive fox face with our guide. Unlock the magic of the fox’s enchanting features, from its fluffy fur to its clever and cunning expression. This gorgeous creature, often known as a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, is waiting to come to life on your canvas. You’ll discover the joy of drawing like never before by focusing on the fox’s charming face, which is packed with sensory wonders. Be sure to add a touch of nature’s beauty with a pair of stunning green eyes that will make your fox face drawing truly stand out.

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Easy to Draw Fox Colored with Crayons:

How to Draw a Fox

Brighten up your summer vacation with our amusing directory on how to draw a fabulous fox. This engaging activity is perfect for kids who want to explore the vibrant world of crayon colors. This tutorial ensures that even young beginners can create a lovely fox drawing that amazes friends and family. So, gather your loved ones and get ready to board on this exciting artistic journey together.

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Wandering Attractive Fox:

How To Draw A Fox


This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a simple fox-colored sketch perfect for adding color to your room. After all, drawing fans know that walls adorned with their favorite creatures bring joy and inspiration to their space. So, catch your pencils, paints, or crayons and get ready to bring the magic of your very own fox to life. You’ll soon be the proud creator of a vibrant, rainbow-enhanced masterpiece that shows the beauty of this smart and charming animal.

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Easy to Draw Upset Fox:

How to Draw a Fox

Are you ready to draw an Upset Fox? This super creative drawing idea is perfect for growing minds of kids like you! Our fox friend feels sad because he’s been thinking about the not-so-nice things happening in the world. He’s upset about how some people treat others unfairly and wants to help make a change. When you draw this Upset Fox, you can add your own special touches to show that even though he’s feeling down, he’s still hopeful for a brighter future. This simple drawing is perfect for artists of all skill levels.

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Realistic Arctic Fox Drawing:

How to Draw an Arctic Fox

Are you ready to draw an incredibly pretty Arctic Fox? You can create it in just 12 easy steps! You will use simple geometric techniques, just like with other animal drawings. First, you’ll draw circles and lines that will help you build the foundation for the fox’s body. Once you complete this dazzling Arctic Fox drawing, you’ll be surprised at how your hands have created such a showpiece!

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Angry Red Fox Drawing:

How to Draw a Red Fox

Are you excited to learn how to draw a pleasing, little angry Red Fox? Did you know that baby foxes are often even cuter than adults? It’s true! Red foxes usually have a lovely orange shade to their fur, but this particular fox has turned red, maybe because it’s feeling a bit angry. You’ll create an amazing piece of art featuring this appealing yet fiery little fox.

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Handy Fox Drawing:

How to Draw a Realistic Fox

Learn to draw a realistic fox, your favorite zoo animal, now free to roam and play on your very own sketchbook! Forget about titles and names because we should not judge a book by its cover; instead, we should unlock our inner artists and experience the joy of creating a masterpiece with our hands.

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Comfortable Fox Drawing:

How to Draw an Easy Fox


Draw a precious and comfortable baby fox that’s sure to melt hearts! With a large head, small body, and cuteness, this little fox becomes super unnatural, which will be a popular choice among kids. Follow our simple, step-by-step guide as we teach you the secrets to capturing this pleasant woodland creature in all its charming glory.

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Pretty Baby Fox:

How to Draw a Cute Fox

Be ready to explore a new world of cuteness with another satisfying baby fox drawing. This fun tutorial will have you impressing your friends and family in no time as you become a rising star among young artists. With easy-to-follow steps and a little patience, you’ll create a charming baby fox that captures the interest of everybody.

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