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About Us

Hello everyone my name is Dora and I am the creator of this website. It’s been a passion of mine to share my knowledge of drawing with others, and that is what this site is all about. So if you are an aspiring artist or want to get into the world of art then please check out some of the tutorials and articles on this site.

What is

If you’re interested in teaching your kids to draw and help them become better artists, then this is the right place for you. My book is designed to teach children how to draw with easy step-by-step instructions and beautiful illustrations.

Who am I

I am a professional artist and drawing teacher who has been drawing and teaching children how to draw for decades. I draw in a variety of styles and genres, including realistic and abstract. Over the years of my activity as an artist, I have learned many interesting techniques and art tips that I will gladly share with young artists.

Where to Start

My site is built in such a way that you can start with any lesson. Each article is an independent tutorial and contains a small portion of very important information, extremely useful for a novice artist.